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How will a Warrior door benefit you!

You would be surprised what decisions there are to make when determining the right entrance door for a school or other educational establishment.  The correct door specification is extremely important and will benefit staff, students and visitors more than you might expect!

A door that ensures safety and security will give complete peace of mind to all those using the school. Every Warrior door is subject to a rigorous testing regime and manufactured to LPCB ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system. This governs all processes including design, manufacture and installation; plus, all doors fulfil DDA Compliance and Duty of Best Value.

Guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, a Warrior door requires minimal servicing other than yearly testing, thus ensuring a cost effective solution for the school’s maintenance budget!

With over 20 years experience, Warrior Doors works with educational establishments to design the optimum door solution for their requirements. Every door is bespoke, although the assessment and specification of each door follows a similar procedure. At Warrior we are all about balancing aesthetics with safety and are passionate about designing doors that offer maximum visibility, clarity and natural light.

As well as the aesthetic aspect, with the correct glass specification a glazed door offers high security and safety whilst offering improved control over who comes in and out of the school due to optimum visibility.

Controlling access in and out of the school enables the “gate keeper” to protect the rest of the school and isolate or prevent a potential threat or attack.  All our entrance door systems can easily be integrated into the school’s existing security system.

Warrior offers bespoke, high security door solutions balanced with easy access and aesthetics whilst ensuring all the added benefits of safety, longevity and overall peace of mind.

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