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How is a WARRIOR door made?

Every bespoke Warrior Door, whether securing a jeweller, a school, a place of worship or a social housing development, takes a very similar journey through our workshop. What we finally see fitted as a fully-tested, near-indestructible product begins life as raw data and raw materials.


WARRIOR high security doors are designed for life; bringing in light where we can, ensuring that the form and finish of the door will complement the setting. That’s why when the Warrior team receives an order we ensure we have the most accurate measurements and the fullest user case study available.

We use this data to build a computer model of the door, using our own specially-designed software. Our software enables us to view and review the impact of different door configurations and materials in three dimensions. When the model is approved, this same software creates a pattern that will drive our TRUMPF tube laser.


Warrior operates a lean, waste-free production model which reduces costs to our clients and helps protect the environment. Our digital modelling process ensures Warrior only needs to keep on hand exact quantities of raw materials. This includes steel and ballistic rated glass, as well as hardwood, often used inside our frames to provide extra resilience.

When the laser cutter receives the final pattern from our computer design blueprints, it goes to work. It fashions each part individually from sheet steel, ensuring minimum wastage, and engraves a unique part number on every piece. The components are welded and carefully fitted together by hand. They are then abraded and polished to give the steel a “key” for powder coating. This is again done by hand, and the assembled security doors are cycled on a gantry into our giant industrial oven, which hardens the coating.

The doors are then hand finished, hung and inspected before being fitted. Within the Warrior product range, our doors engineered up to Security Level 4. With ISO 9001 quality certification for design, manufacture and installation. 


Warrior doors are manufactured to design out society’s problems,  to give our clients safety, security, and peace of mind. Our investment in bespoke software and new technology like our laser cutter ensure a level of accuracy which would be impossible with manual production methods. This precision fit is one of the factors that makes Warrior high security doors so robust. We have invested more than £300k on research and development to ensure we understand the market needs and how to meet them both now and in the future.


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