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New finance scheme makes Warrior security and quality available to SME’s and new businesses.

Don’t wait till criminals strike to safeguard your business with Warrior’s industry-leading security doors. It’s an uncomfortable truth that being robbed once remains the best predictor of being robbed again; as many as one in three break-ins are repeat offences. (Repeat Victimization, 2005)


Thanks to an innovative new partnership with Shire Leasing, the UK’s largest privately-owned funding house and asset finance specialist, Warrior’s real-world tested, quality-rated security doors and windows are now available through leasing, safeguarding more livelihoods than ever before.

Leasing is a modern, affordable, and practical route to ownership which meets the aspirations of the UK’s 5.4 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SME’s are resilient contributors to the UK’s GDP but typically lack the capital reserves to invest in their own development. (Bank of England, 2014)

Now a whole spectrum of companies, especially high-value retailers, such as jewellers and specialist / designer outlets, will be able to invest up to £1 million in Warrior high-quality security doors, windows and entrance systems, paying back the sum in manageable payments over three or five years


It could be a jeweller who has suffered a robbery and needs to boost the shop’s security or a housing association that needs to urgently replace its entrance systems in its flats. Whatever their needs are, they will for the first time be able to spread the cost of Warrior’s premium products.

Leasing allows companies to take immediate advantage of the peace-of-mind WARRIOR security doors provide, while budgeting affordably and protecting any existing lines of credit, such as bank loans or overdrafts. Leasing is an increasingly popular method of business investment in the UK; not least because lease payments can be 100% tax deductible against profits.


  1. PAY AS YOU EARN Leasing means you can enjoy the peace of mind. Warrior Doors provide leasing options without having to pay the full sum up front.
  2. CASH FLOW Leasing through a reputable company like Shire protects your cash flow and allows you to budget more accurately.
  3. TAX DEDUCTIBLE Lease rental payments are 100% tax deductible against your profits.
  4. FIXED PAYMENTS Unlike some credit schemes, your lease rental payments will be fixed across three or five years, which makes budgeting easier.
  5. PROTECT YOUR EXISTING LINES OF CREDIT Leasing to develop your business is an investment decision, which allows you to keep your existing lines of credit for when you need them, such as bank loans and overdrafts.
  6. NO MAJOR UPFRONT COSTS Leasing removes the need for risky and significant outlay or investment in new equipment. Only the first rental is normally required and is usually taken by Direct Debit.


Brett Barratt, Warrior Doors managing director and founder said, “Investing in a business asset such as our security doors and windows can have an impact on customers’ cash flow. This finance package is going to make a real difference to those companies and organisations that simply cannot afford to wait to increase the security at their premises.”


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