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Warrior Doors – Sustainability and the Swedish tax

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In a throwaway world, we all have to do our bit to reduce waste.

According to the latest figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the UK produced 200 million tonnes of waste in 2012, with commercial and industrial waste accounting for 24%.

And while the amount of rubbish going to landfill is slowly reducing, there is still much we can all – from single households to large industrial sites – do to cut the amount we throw away.

Part of this comes down to the quality of products that we buy. Do you want cheap and cheerful that lasts only a short time and has to be replaced? Or would you prefer to invest in well-made products that might cost a little more but stand the test of time?

At Warrior Doors, we opt for the latter. It’s better for our customers. And it’s better for the environment.

It’s why we support the proposals by the Swedish government, which is introducing tax breaks on repairs for myriad goods, such as bicycles and washing machines.

Because our doors and entrance systems are made to last, there is minimum maintenance to worry about. This means both excellent value for money and improved whole life-cycle costs. It also means less scrap heading to the landfill and recycling plants.

Brett Barratt, managing director of Birmingham-based Warrior Doors, said: “It’s not just a case of minimising wastage in the manufacturing process that counts; it’s about making products that won’t need the regular replacements and repairs”.

“The plans by the Swedish government to halve VAT fit in with our sustainability philosophy. It’s common sense and economically a much more sensible approach than encouraging us to buy more disposable goods.

We are frequently called upon to rectify issues caused by cheaply manufactured and poorly designed doors and locks that are not fit for purpose, security systems that can easily be breached, and door frames that do not pass muster after just a few months in situ.

Poorly Made Doors

Poorly Made Doors

Buying cheaply may save a few pennies in the short term, but it’s a false economy. It’s important to think of the whole life-cycle costs – how many times will the item have to be repaired or replaced if you choose inferior quality products?

And it’s not just replacing the items that causes problems; it’s the inconvenience, the hours wasted on sourcing new products, the distress of having an insecure property”.

It’s why Warrior Doors is now the first point of call for many housing associations, critical infrastructure organisations, educational establishments and high-value retailers. They know that it will get it right first time.

It’s why 40% of the cash in the UK is behind one of our doors.

We are committed to designing and manufacturing superior security doors that balance architectural integrity and operational requirements with aesthetic values.

Our products don’t just meet the minimum standards required of PAS 24 and Secured by Design, they exceed them because we believe that doors should be as robust and secure as possible.

Our design, manufacture and installation are LPCB ISO 9001:2008 quality managed and thanks to innovative methods and great design, as well as a commitment to investing in its products, we can supply bespoke high security doors that are tested up to LPS 1174 Security Rating 4.

Not only that, Warrior Doors’ in-house team designs high-specification doors with large areas of attack-resistant glazing that are made to suit any building’s requirements.

We work closely with architects and builders to create bespoke, high-specification doors that complement any building. And all products are backed up by a 10-year warranty.

“The warranty sets us apart,” says Brett. “We are absolutely confident in the superior quality of our products and in the 20 years since we began trading, we’ve never had to replace a faulty door of ours. But on a monthly basis, we replace plenty of our competitors’ doors.”

  • Over the past seven years, Warrior Doors has donated tens of thousands of pounds to the charity Africa-Equip, thanks to the money raised from recycling the aluminium and mild steel doors and door frames that it has had to replace.
  • Warrior source wood from sustainable sources and recycle waste wood
  • Warrior Doors is a member of the Birmingham Charter committed to providing sustainable solutions

Birmingham-based Warrior Doors is a premium designer, manufacturer and installer of high-security doors and entrance systems. Founded in 1996, it is a family-run business that has an enviable reputation for providing exceptional service. It works closely with organisations and businesses in sectors such as social housing, education, high-value retail, as well as critical infrastructure companies, designing and manufacturing on site its bespoke security doors, windows and entrance systems that meet the most exacting demands. Warrior Doors products not only meet, but exceed the highest UK standards and are accredited by Secured by Design and LPCB Red Book listed.


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