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Warrior Doors – 15,000 doors installed and counting

Warrior Doors is celebrating its landmark 20th anniversary this year. Since our official birthday celebrations in April, we’ve been reflecting on what has made Warrior doors such a success.

Since 1997, Warrior Doors has installed more than 15,000 high-security doors in businesses, critical infrastructure organisations, schools, churches, museums, and retail premises – and every single one is still operational.

We believe a Warrior Door product is an investment and we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, and installing doors in-house because that is how we can guarantee the quality we insist upon.

Order a door or entrance system from Warrior Doors and you’ll take delivery of a product that:

  • Will last for years (we offer a 10-year warranty)
  • Can withstand heavy daily use
  • Is constructed from premium quality materials that are tested to some of the UK’s highest standards
  • Is ISO-certified for design, manufacture, and installation
  • Will give you security, safety and peace of mind.

We have invested heavily in improvements and innovations and between 2011 and 2016 alone, put £350,000 into research and development. In 2016, we invested £300,000 in state-of-the-art machinery to improve our processes.

It’s this commitment and excellent all-round customer service that brings people to us – and why we are often called upon to replace our competitors’ doors that have failed.

It’s also why more than 40% of the cash in circulation in the UK is behind a Warrior Doors door.

Contact Warrior Doors to day to see how your organisation or business would benefit from one of our high-security entrance systems. For a no-obligation chat, call us on 0121 706 8400 – and ask about our unique finance package that is available.








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