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Warrior Door Vs BMW 5 Series – RAM RAID Fail

I’m constantly amazed and surprised by the efforts of criminals and robbers to subvert and destroy people’s livelihoods. The recent robbery attempt by a gang of thieves to ram a BMW 5 series into a shop front door, became an epic fail due to it being a Warrior Door and Shop front screen.

One robber posed as a customer and entered the shop via the interlock, when passing through the second door after the first had closed and locked, he held it open while an accomplice attempted to drive a stolen BMW 5 series car through the front door. He attempted this at least 5 times, finally setting off the air bags and abandoning the vehicle and his associate who was chased into the interlock by the shop owner and imprisoned while the police were called.

The whole event took less than 3 minutes, and the doors and shop front withstood the attack, keeping the shop owner, his daughter and grandchild and the two customers safe. The shop owner’s livelihood was maintained and the security interlocking doors, still worked perfectly, locking and unlocking after the event.

If robbers and thieves spent as much time in pursuing normal jobs as they do attempting robberies, they would find much more success in earning money. I’m always saddened by the fact that people in society feel the need to carry out these acts of violence against others who are attempting to earn an honest living.

Warrior Doors and shop front screens are built to protect not just your goods but your people, staff and customers safety, as well as your livelihood. Warrior Doors interlocking front entry system has time and again proven to provide the best way to deter robberies, even robberies where thieves pose as customers, Warrior Doors interlocks have proven their worth by resisting the exit of thieves as well as their entry. With this particular shop we have successfully protected them from four robberies.

We are proud of our 20year history in providing Security solutions for the protection of Jewellers and high value retailers as well as providing communal entrance doors for social housing that deter antisocial behaviour. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and  I’m proud to be able to say Warrior Doors make the difference and can make a difference to your business, with our high security doors.

“A warrior door does not earn you a penny but we will protect every penny you earn”.


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