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In times of desperate need, places of worship provide crucial shelter and services to vulnerable people of all faiths and none. The responses of local mosques, gurdwaras, temples and churches to the tragic Grenfell fire drew praise across the national media. One community group working out of a local mosque raised and distributed more than £200,000 to those in need, regardless of their religion. (Guardian, 2017)

Sadly, places of worship are being increasingly targeted by thieves now that charity funds, tinned food, bedding, toys and medicines are routinely kept on site. Last year alone, London saw a 20% rise in attacks against worshippers (Met Police, 2017). Perhaps more worrying is that 17% of all hate crimes now happen at a worship site – over 3,200 last year alone – and numbers are rising. (Crime Survey for England and Wales)


Warrior Doors is a leading provider of bespoke security door systems to places of worship around the world. Guidelines to “shelter in place” mean you need security doors that will continue to resist and defend against persistent violent attack until the police arrive. We have twenty years’ experience defeating determined attackers wielding hammers, crowbars and even motorised hand tools.

More than that, Warrior believes that no building need look like a fortress, which is why we use anti-ballistic glazing tested to EN1522/1523 threat level FB4.  One of the surest ways to strengthen security is to increase visibility. Flooding light into entrance spaces enables your staff to literally oversee secure access. Putting more glass in a door can make it safer, if it is a Warrior door.


In 2016 the Home Office launched the Hate Crime Action Plan, with a £2.4 million fund to help secure vulnerable places of worship. In real terms this is a capital grant of 80% towards the cost of security doors and windows and similar safeguards. Fifty-nine faith groups applied to the fund in the first year and another fifty-five when the scheme was repeated this year.

The Home Office is expected to make a further one million pounds available to religious institutions in early 2018. To take advantage you will need to demonstrate a history of hate crime attacks in last two years and have consult Warrior Doors and other security professionals to draw up a costed capital outlay plan.


As well as innovating in security door design and manufacture, Warrior Doors has a range of modern and affordable payment schemes to help ensure that community buildings such as schools, churches and mosques can be as well protected as high street businesses. At the top of the list is our new leasing scheme introduced in partnership with Shire Leasing,  the UK’s largest private funding house and asset finance specialist. Leasing is a practical route to ownership ideal for well-established, stable organisations, with fixed payments across three of five years. Contact Warrior Doors to see how your organisation would benefit. For a no-obligation chat, call us on 0121 706 8400.


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