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Smash and grab challenge!

At the end of every factory tour each visitor is invited to take up the challenge to smash through one of our doors! Needless to say no one has yet succeeded!

Not only has no-one succeeded under controlled factory conditions but the fact is that we have installed over 15,000 doors to date and not one has ever been replaced. This is an accolade we are immensely proud of and although the “smash and grab” part of our factory tour is a bit of fun and an opportunity for visitors to flex their muscles, its important message underpins the Warrior ethos.

The fact that all Warrior doors installed are still in situ is down to our design and manufacturing capabilities and the rigorous testing regime we put each and every door through. Our aim is to design doors that balance high security with aesthetics and visibility whilst ensuring longevity and minimum maintenance.

All doors are manufactured using LPCB ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system, which governs all processes including design, manufacture and installation, plus all doors fulfil DDA Compliance and Duty of Best Value. Glazing options tested to EN356 Security Rating, is used as standard and engineered up to LPS1270.536A7083

We also have plenty of footage of break-ins and attacks on our doors, but not one has been successful! Our mission is to provide doors that ensure safety and security, providing peace of mind to users and building owners alike and we strive to raise industry standards in line with this ethos.

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