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“A school is a building with four walls, and tomorrow inside” – Dan Valentine, writer

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal a 50% rise in incidents at UK schools between 2014 and 2016, with police being called on-site over 700 times (TES, 2017). One in twenty teaching assistants have faced violence from a parent, according to a 2016 UNISON survey.

Schools will already have in place a range of procedures and policies to protect their students, their staff and their equipment:  panic buttons, name badges, escort policies, CCTV and exterior lighting systems, but complete control of who enters and leaves a school site is more vital than ever.

Warrior Doors recommend and fit interlocking security door systems for schools. These are systems that will fully complement existing security measures, and provide extra support for recognised weak spots, such as issues caused by extended school opening hours – breakfast clubs, for example and extended school sites that include more public provision.

Simply put, interlocking systems are two or more independently-controlled doors that work in tandem to create an “airlock” for your building. All doors can be activated remotely by school staff, either from an adjacent office or another central administration centre. The fully secure “airlock” space gives the admin team the time and opportunity to properly vet every prospective entrant to the school, and withhold access when required.

At Warrior Doors,  we believe secure doors need never look like they belong in a fortress. We place particular emphasis on the use of high-security, impact-resistant glass to flood in natural light. A well-lit lobby is welcoming, but also allows maximum visibility for observation purposes. All the glass we use is tested and certified to LPS 1270 as standard. Our installations are DDA compliant and fully-accessible as a fire escape route.

An interlocking door system is highly flexible. It allows legitimate visitors to be buzzed in instantly, while others can be placed under closer scrutiny. If access to the school is to be declined, intruders have no option but to leave the site, or, in a “worst case scenario”, remain “bottled in” till the police arrive. Our doors are engineered to ensure completely robust performance against attack; we can provide glass that will withstand a high-level attack over a prolonged period, tested to EN1522/1523 threat level FB4, and even ballistic-resistant glazing options.

Interlocking door systems offer a range of secondary benefits to your school. By simplifying your lobby gate keeping, they give everyone in the office more time to attend to school business. Interlocking systems allow one door to remain open, welcoming parents during periods when a high turnover is expected – such as those late-to-registration or on school trip day – while always keeping the building fully secure.

Contact Warrior Doors to see how your school would benefit from one of our high-security entrance systems. For a no-obligation chat, call us on 0121 706 8400 – and ask about our unique finance package that is available.


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