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SAFE, SECURE AND SACRED – protecting places of worship in an age of uncertainty!

Everyone would agree that places of worship must also be places of safety and sanctuary for all people, all the time. Increasingly however, in the UK, this basic freedom can no longer be taken for granted. The growing number of attacks by both organised hate groups and lone perpetrators has left some in faith communities shocked and afraid – particularly regular worshippers in churches and mosques. Last year alone, London saw a 20% rise in attacks against worshippers (Met Police, 2017).

There are many practical steps that faith group leaders can take immediately to counter these threats, including better training for stewards and greeters in increasing vigilance and installing a CCTV camera system. However, those who shelter in any building will only ever be as secure as the doors they shut against those who mean to do them harm. The most effective method to protect a building and those inside it is by investing in a secure entrance door system that will continue to resist and defend against persistent violent attack until the police arrive.

Warrior currently designs and builds security door systems for places of worship. We can leverage our twenty years of experience designing security doors for the jewellery trade into every bespoke door we install in a place of worship. As the videos on our website demonstrate, Warrior Doors routinely repel repeated deliberate impact attacks, defeating aggressive attacks from hammers and crowbars. Our security doors can resist firearms – Warrior entry doors can feature anti-ballistic glazing tested to EN1522/1523 threat level FB4, subject to specification.

No one should live in fear. Terror-level threats, while dramatic, remain exceptionally rare. According to current statistics, the largest single group of violent incidents that affect churches – almost 40% of them – are the spill over of domestic abuse and family disputes into the public space (Christianity Today, 2016). A place of worship should never need to look like a fortress. In fact, one of the surest ways to increase security is to increase visibility at your main access point. Putting more glass in a door can make it safer, if it is a Warrior Door.

Churches, mosques, gurdwaras and temples are now increasingly the hubs of local communities, providing much-needed services to vulnerable people of all faiths and none. Places of worship today house food banks alongside youth clubs, as well as offering child care and health checks for elders. To find out how Warrior security doors can help protect these valuable resources, contact us on 0121 7068400 or email us at to find out more about us.


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