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Why is a safe room door important for all Jewellers Shops?

Installing a safe room is an effective method of keeping people and valuables secure in any retail or commercial environment – it is also becoming an increasingly popular addition for high-value home-owners.

In the event of an intruder or a robbery, a safe room – also called a panic room – provides shelter and protection, enabling people to get away from possible danger.

Thankfully, a Warrior Door’s safe room door provides the optimum level of protection required to keep people and valuables safe inside.

How a safe door helped a jeweller under attack

When Shiva Sudhera’s, West Midlands, jewellery shop was robbed by two violent intruders, his elderly parents managed to escape into a safe room secured by a Warrior Doors security door.

The safe room security door was installed at the rear of the store after Shiva Jewellers suffered its first robbery in 2011, which resulted in his staff and family experiencing fear, panic and trauma.

He was relieved to know that his family were secure in the safe room as the criminals forced their way into his shop using a battering ram.

How a Warrior Doors high security door will protect you

Warrior Doors’ high-security doors are renowned for their superlative quality. We ensure that they balance architectural integrity and operational requirements with aesthetic values.

Our doors are made to last, there are no maintenance issues, which means excellent value for money and reduced low life-cycle costs.

 Security is key and our doors are designed and manufactured up to LPS1175 Security Rating 4, which is tested to withstand forced entry using tools such as a 12 volt cordless powered hand tool, disc grinder, circular saw, power drill, or sledge hammer.

For a no-obligation chat about how a Warrior Doors high-security door would benefit your business or home, speak to one of our expert team today. Telephone: 0121 706 8400.

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