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How a robbery affects jewellery shop staff

Being robbed is a traumatic experience – but unfortunately, we come across this type of violent crime all too often.

High-value retailers and jewellery shops alike can be vulnerable to robbery, usually if their entrance systems are not sufficiently robust to thwart criminal activity.

It’s a huge trauma to deal with:

  • The loss of cash
  • Loss of valuable items
  • Increase in insurance premiums.

However, it is the devastating effects on staff – your most precious assets – that is most difficult issue to deal with.

They could take months to recover from the psychological trauma and if they have been injured, there are the physical symptoms that they need to recover from, too.

It’s why we at Warrior Doors would prefer to put in place a high-level security door or entrance system as a preventative measure – rather than a reactive one.

Our high-security doors and interlocking systems are fitted in thousands of commercial premises in the UK and overseas.

We are trusted because:

  • Our doors are fully welded and manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel for improved strength and attack resistance
  •  The impact-resistant glass is tested and certified to LPS 1270
  • We can also supply impact-resistant glass that can withstand a high-level attack over a prolonged period.

To see how Warrior Doors can help your business become safer, contact us today on 0121 706 8400.

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