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Robbery with forced entry is more common than any other type of commercial theft – eight times more likely. (UK.GOV, 2015). Installing a high-visibility deterrent is a simple and effective way to reduce your business’ vulnerability. Alarm systems and video cameras will help in mitigating risk, but WARRIOR interlocking security doors  are your best defence.

As a high-value retailer you need to have total control over public access to your premises. Everyone should feel they are “on your turf” when they enter your store (Robbery Prevention and Response, 2015). Best practice suggests that employees and customers should be restricted to a single shared entrance during trading hours, and that this entrance is a fully secure system, such as a Warrior interlocking door system.

Interlocking security doors steadfastly resist access should any one of them be open or unlocked. All Warrior interlocking door systems are designed and built to order, meeting each customer’s individual needs; one size does not fit all. A Warrior security door can be built to LPS1175 SR4 and will withstand many and various types of hand tools often used by thieves.


Every year thieves carry away over six hundred million pounds worth of stock from high-street businesses (Retail Crime Survey, 2015). Secondary consequences may include extensive criminal damage to your property, employees with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a damaged reputation on the high street and soaring insurance premiums. Therefore, robbery remains one of the top ten reasons for small business failure (Hiscox, 2016)

Criminals are increasingly using hi-tech methods such as drone surveillance and social media profiling to spy out potential victims with poor cash handling, lone working staff and inadequate door and window security. (The Times, 2017) The sooner you act to secure your business and livelihood the better – as many as one in three burglaries are repeat offences.

The good news is that as a business owner / manager you are the person best-placed to develop and implement a successful plan to mitigate risk to your business. High value retailers already have a statutory requirement to assess and mitigate risk to staff under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; taking action may even help reduce your insurance premiums.

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