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Interlocking Security Doors

Our high security interlocking door systems are designed to provide the highest possible security level at your entrance. Warrior Intrelocking Security Doors can be customised for a stylish fully glazed integration into your premises. The applications for this product are wide ranging from high value retailers such as jewellers, diamond dealers and bullion dealers to banks and cash processing facilities.


Our Interlocking Security Doors are tested up to the following:

LPS1175 Security Rating 4

Under this rating Warrior High Security Doors are tested to withstand an experienced attempt at forced entry using tools which include 12 volt cordless powered hand tools, disc grinders, circular saws, power drills, jig saws, a sledge hammer, a felling axe, hole saws, plate shears, bolt cutters, steel wedges and holligan bar.

LPS2081 Security Rating B

The Warrior door which was tested and awarded LPS 2081 accreditation is fully glazed using 11.5mm anti-bandit glass, with a stainless steel frame, exactly the type of door that is ideal for social housing door specification. The door also comprises a Maglock locking system,  ideal again for social housing communal doors. These types of locks are a great solution for this sector as they have no mechanical moving parts, ensuring any malfunction is minimised.


  • Full length heavy duty stainless steel (no visible welds) to give high strength and attack resistance with low maintenance.
  • Ultra High security stainless steel doors and frames specially designed to impress customers
  • High security electronic multi-point locking systems tested up to LPS1175 security level 4
  • Intelligent Electronic access entrance and exit able to be bespoke designed to the preferred requirements
  • High security anti-ballistic glazing to withstand a high level attack over prolonged period tested to EN1522/1523 threat level FB4. Various grades available depending on budget and preference
  • Powdercoating to any colour to match any existing colour schemes including options for coordinating door furniture such as hinges and door closers
  • Screens and shop fronts also available to replace or combine with existing entrances
  • All doors are DDA compliant and come with a 10 year guarantee as standard on the door and frame
  • Installation carried by our own fully trained engineers. The install can be completed within 24 hours to avoid disruption to trading

Video Demo

We have a strong track record in producing doors which have withstood upto some of the toughest situations and these interlocking doors are no exception. We have video evidence of aggressive attacks which have taken place and the doors have never failed to protect both staff and stock.


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