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Toughened Glass? Not So Tough

At Warrior Doors we have recently had a number of enquiries to fit Toughened Glass in our communal entrance doors. By the name, it would be reasonable to assume that Toughened Glass is ‘secure’, however ‘toughened’ in this case doesn’t mean the product is necessarily able to withstand an attack. Toughening is a thermal process…

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Warrior Doors Unveiled as Shirt Sponsor for Tipton Town F.C Under 7’s

Warrior Doors have been unveiled as the new shirt sponsor for Tipton Town F.C’s Under 7 team. The team was presented with their shirts by Warrior Doors’ Managing Director Brett Barratt who commented that “Warrior Doors is delighted to support the kids from Tipton Town. Getting involved in teamwork at such a young age is…

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Managing Director Brett Barratt reflects on Warrior Doors’ work on Gucci’s Sloane St, London flagship store

Gucci’s flagship store on Sloane St in London has finally reopened complete with a brand new shopfront designed, manufactured and installed by Warrior Doors. The fully glazed Warrior shopfront provides shoppers with a crystal-clear view into Gucci’s luxurious store, while most importantly keeping Gucci’s customers, staff and products safe and secure. Warrior Door’s MD Brett…

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SECURITY AND SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURE   AVOID THE FENCING FRENZY When Oftsed placed two Cumbrian schools in Special Measures last year over site security issues, the media in the North West reported a “fencing frenzy” as wary governors strove to head off an inspectors’ reprimand. “The strong leadership of the headteacher and her team, the clear…

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Maintaining Key Security for Jewellers

  For a jeweller, key security is tantamount to protecting their livelihood. Whether you are worried about break-ins or employee theft, there are several things that can be done to better protect a jeweller’s keys. Assigning Access Basic key security and management begins with determining the level of access of every employee. The main considerations…

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New finance scheme makes Warrior security and quality available to SME’s and new businesses. Don’t wait till criminals strike to safeguard your business with Warrior’s industry-leading security doors. It’s an uncomfortable truth that being robbed once remains the best predictor of being robbed again; as many as one in three break-ins are repeat offences. (Repeat…

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In times of desperate need, places of worship provide crucial shelter and services to vulnerable people of all faiths and none. The responses of local mosques, gurdwaras, temples and churches to the tragic Grenfell fire drew praise across the national media. One community group working out of a local mosque raised and distributed more than…

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Risky Business

HOW HIGH-VALUE RETAILERS ARE DETERRING CRIMINALS Robbery with forced entry is more common than any other type of commercial theft – eight times more likely. (UK.GOV, 2015). Installing a high-visibility deterrent is a simple and effective way to reduce your business’ vulnerability. Alarm systems and video cameras will help in mitigating risk, but WARRIOR interlocking…

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CPD sessions


CPD is relevant to all types of professions and industries covering numerous products and services. It is an ideal way of keeping up to date with current practices whatever your profession. It is beneficial and critical for professional development and in the case of architects a necessary part of retaining chartered membership of RIBA (Royal…

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Warrior Doors already third party approved to latest Quality Management Standard

 Warrior Doors is delighted to announce the successful transition and third-party approval by LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to the new Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015. This latest edition of ISO 9001 takes over from the 2008 version which becomes obsolete in September 2018. The new edition is far less prescriptive than previous versions, which…

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safe room doors

Why is a safe room door important for all Jewellers Shops?

Installing a safe room is an effective method of keeping people and valuables secure in any retail or commercial environment – it is also becoming an increasingly popular addition for high-value home-owners. In the event of an intruder or a robbery, a safe room – also called a panic room – provides shelter and protection,…

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high security doors


How is a WARRIOR door made? Every bespoke Warrior Door, whether securing a jeweller, a school, a place of worship or a social housing development, takes a very similar journey through our workshop. What we finally see fitted as a fully-tested, near-indestructible product begins life as raw data and raw materials. FROM DATA TO DESIGN…

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In June this year a team from Warrior Doors – Sarah Murray, Gage Walsh and Brett Barratt – successfully completed the Great Midlands Fun Run. They were all taking part to raise money for Africa Equip, a charity founded in 1997 by Warrior Door’s Managing Director, Brett Barratt. Africa Equip is currently engaged in a…

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school high security doors


“A school is a building with four walls, and tomorrow inside” – Dan Valentine, writer Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal a 50% rise in incidents at UK schools between 2014 and 2016, with police being called on-site over 700 times (TES, 2017). One in twenty teaching assistants have faced violence from…

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stainless steel doors


Brett Barratt, MD at Warrior discusses the challenges and importance of bin door specification Bin stores – the problems A number for years ago I was involved in the investigation of a tower block fire in Birmingham which had started in the bin store room on the ground floor. It was unclear how the fire…

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IMPACT RESISTANT: Business and Brexit; what do we know?

Business and Brexit; what do we know? WARRIOR is a company based on dependability and reliability. Our high-security doors are designed to precise specifications and tolerances, and BREXIT –  the UK’s coming exit from the European Union – is very much an unknown quantity at the time of writing. Speculation is something we will never…

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What makes the design of a Warrior Door so unique?

At Warrior we take door design very seriously, assessing every client’s needs, requirements and expectations to ensure the optimum solution. Warrior views the door design as unique as its setting and although there are often similarities between applications, each door is bespoke manufactured to individual criteria. Warrior has experienced time after time where doors have…

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Why choose stainless steel over mild steel for your communal door

Warrior views the specification of its door solutions as in investment in build quality and durability that will last and look good for many years. Warrior prides itself in the fact that its doors do not rust or rot, plus they will not drop over time and are vandal resistant. A major contributor to these…

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