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What makes the design of a Warrior Door so unique?

At Warrior we take door design very seriously, assessing every client’s needs, requirements and expectations to ensure the optimum solution. Warrior views the door design as unique as its setting and although there are often similarities between applications, each door is bespoke manufactured to individual criteria.

Warrior has experienced time after time where doors have been poorly specified due to inadequate materials and/or door furniture, but it is usually due to the situation and application of the door not being recognised at the time of specification. It’s easy just to re-use a door specification again that worked in one location and presume it will be the right solution in another, without investigating and assessing properly.

Warrior takes the time to assess the location of the door and any likely stress, threat or attack it may potential be under  – the door is then designed, engineered and manufactured based on that assessment.  The need for visibility, light and aesthetics are key to the door specification as well as its high security and robust characteristics. Warrior works with all clients to recognise the balance between all these aspects to provide a cost effective door solution that will last the life of the building with minimal maintenance.

Providing peace of mind for both clients and residents is at the forefront of every Warrior door specification, as well as balancing aesthetics, security and safety. Longevity is also a key factor and Warrior works with clients to ensure on-going maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. With this in mind, Warrior manufactures all doors to LPCB ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system, which governs all processes including design, manufacture and installation, plus all doors fulfil DDA Compliance and Duty of Best Value.

Warrior approaches each door specification with an open mind which makes every door design unique! What’s not unique is the fact that every Warrior door is manufactured to the highest quality standards and subject to stringent and robust testing regimes, which is probably why every Warrior door installed to date is still in place! Find out more about us today,  by calling us at 0121 7068400 or visiting us at www.warriordoors.co.uk! 



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