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Why jewellers should upgrade their security?

Jewellers sell valuable and beautiful items, so it’s only right that they should reflect that beauty in their shops.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that some jewellery stores feel they must secure their premises to the extent they look like unwelcoming fortresses.

While security should be a high priority, we believe criminals who should be behind bars, not law-abiding citizens.

It’s why we at Warrior Doors have designed and engineered secure interlocking entrance systems that look great, are incredibly strong and are laboratory tested to achieve the highest levels of security.

The heavy-duty stainless-steel doors and frames and large panes of high security anti-ballistic glazing are designed specifically to provide kerb appeal, while superior multi-point locking systems ensure the doors cannot be breached by weapon-wielding intruders.

Our interlocking system is designed to ensure retailers have full control over who enters their shops because:

  • It is a double-door system that comprises a main front door, a small lobby, and another door into the shop
  • Only one door can open at any one time
  • It allows staff to assess customers twice before allowing them entry to their store
  • The shop staff solely controls the door.

There is also an over-ride feature in case of emergencies, which is also controlled by the store operator.

Our expertise means we promise peace of mind, safety, and security for all our customers.

What our customers say

We’ve designed and installed dozens of our high-security entrance systems in jewellery shops – sadly, after a robbery has occurred in many cases.

It’s not surprising to hear owners say they wished they’d installed a Warrior Doors interlocking system before they were subjected to a terrifying crime.

One said: “Every jeweller should have a Warrior Doors door installed on their premises, whether that’s one on the outside or a safe door on the inside. I know I feel more secure now that I know my shop has stronger doors and glass. It’s just my regret I didn’t have them installed before the robbery.”

Another told us: “Since I got a Warrior Doors system installed, I can leave my family in the shop without any fear.”

If the time is right for you to upgrade your security door and entrance system, contact the expert Warrior Doors team for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you to be safer and more secure in your shop. Telephone 0121 706 8400 – and don’t forget to ask about our affordable finance options.


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