IMPACT RESISTANT: Business and Brexit; what do we know? | Communal High Security Entrance Doors
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IMPACT RESISTANT: Business and Brexit; what do we know?

Business and Brexit; what do we know?

WARRIOR is a company based on dependability and reliability. Our high-security doors are designed to precise specifications and tolerances, and BREXIT –  the UK’s coming exit from the European Union – is very much an unknown quantity at the time of writing. Speculation is something we will never engage in, but we will continue to spotlight existing research that may help our clients and customers make better informed decisions about their product lines and purchases over the coming months.


WARRIOR is a market leader in high street security doors. As you read this, our products are currently safeguarding merchandise worth millions of pounds, and at the same time allowing secure access to legitimate customers of high-ticket items.

Research by the British Retail Consortium predicts that market for such high-value retail goods will remain stable regardless of the final shape of BREXIT. New trade tariffs are unlikely to affect jewellery, gold, silver and heirloom-items such as watches. These will continue to be seen as investments and will likely maintain or increase their value. (BRT 2016)

London remains on target to become the high-value retail capital of the world, according to current research (CBRE/Walpole 2017). The attractions of city’s leisure infrastructure – a 24-hour economy with nearly 100 five-star hotels, 65 Michelin-starred restaurants and 45 private members clubs – will continue to outweigh uncertainty. Additionally, the cheapness of the pound against the dollar has boosted UK luxury retail tourism by 8% in six months, with some London stores reporting a 30% rise in sale (KPMG 2017).


London’s retail tourism offer is not shared by the rest of the UK, of course. While work begins this year on the HS2 super-fast rail link out of London, it won’t even reach Birmingham for another decade. Fortunately, the UK’s manufacturing and engineering industry is increasingly confident that BREXIT will be good for business.

Almost 300 industry leaders were interviewed in a recent poll. (ENGINEER / SUBCON – 2017) Forty percent of CEOs now believe their company will have a stronger future once Britain exits the EU. This is an important shift, as over half of those polled had voted to remain in the EU in the June 2016 referendum, and only 14 per cent were optimistic when asked the same question a year ago.

The same survey reveals that forty-five percent of CEOs now think the UK’s manufacturing and engineering industry as a whole will have a stronger future once Britain is out of the EU. This is again a shift towards optimism; an increase of 50 per cent since the same poll was run a year ago.

WARRIOR – safe, secure, reliable

Whatever the nuances of the UK’s BREXIT settlement, trade will continue and businesses will need the reliable protection of the high-security doors that WARRIOR provides. One thing is certain, that WARRIOR will continue to provide that security, without compromise.To find more about us, visit us at, or call us at 0121 7068400. 





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