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High Security Door Protection

Security spending is often underestimated and not considered as an investment in the business but the full impact of a robbery is never understood until it’s actually been experienced first hand. The real costs are to people involved who can be traumatised by the event for months, if not longer.

Loss of high-value stock, whether it’s cash, diamonds, gold, watches, etc. can have a huge impact on the business continuity and in some cases the business never actually recovers, forced eventually to close down.

Warrior Doors have been able to provide some of the highest quality security doors available without compromising on the exacting demands of jewellers towards aesthetic appearance and maximum vision into their shops.

We have worked with a range of high value retailers including jewellers and bullion dealers, helping them to feel the benefits of being protected by a high-security door from Warrior Doors.

If you would like to see more CCTV footage of attempted robberies being thwarted by Warriors doors call us on 0121 706 8400 for a link to the confidential videos online. 

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