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How a handle makes the difference!

Having installed over 15,000 doors, Warrior Doors are not only experts in door design, specification and manufacture, but also door furniture such as handles and closer’s that can sometimes get overlooked. Unless you understand the difference between the many handle options, it’s easy to choose one that is totally unfit for purpose!

Through research and experience Warrior would specify an ASSA pull knob over a D handle for a high security communal door. The D handle, although might look the obvious choice on paper, is not a good option for this type of door as there is more opportunity for vandals to attack the door. This type of handle allows for leverage to pull the door open and damage it plus a D handle makes it easier to attach something to force the door open wilfully as part of an attack.

We Recommend an ASSA pull Knob

The ASSA pull knob conversely makes any type of attack or forced entry much more difficult as there is little to get hold of to create leverage and the ability to attach anything to the door is minimised.










A D Handle leaves you susceptible to an attack

Many damaged doors that Warrior has replaced over the years have failed due to an inappropriate handle being specified for the particular location and application, where vandals have forced the door using the handle as leverage to gain access or just to cause wilful damage.










Warrior Doors works with social housing providers to ensure that communal high security doors specified are not only fit for purpose but exceed expectations in terms of maintenance and longevity. This includes ensuring handles and other door furniture perform as well as the door itself.

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