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Why Finger safe hinges are needed when fitting a high security door in communal housing?

Every door specification is a balance of security, safety, aesthetics and design and communal doors require further consideration in terms of location and particularly the different people using the door. Generally communal doors in residential blocks will be used by all ages with many being young children whose safety is paramount. We are not only talking about the safety and security the door provides but the safety of the door itself and measures that are put in place to minimise injuries such as trapped fingers.

According to the ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), around 30,000 children trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors at home, school, nursery, or shops. It has been reported that more than 1,500 of these children will require surgery with some needing ongoing reconstructive surgery further down the line. More serious accidents tend to occur through finger trapping in the hinge side of doors and can be prevented using various finger protector solutions.

For communal doors for social housing we would always recommend a door with a full length safe finger hinge to help protect users from trapping their fingers, particularly children. The full length stainless steel hinges are manufactured with mono drive 5 fixings every 92mm, then secured into the hardwood insert that is designed into every warrior door section. This unique design incorporates a space to prevent fingers being damaged or crushed between the door and the frame.

At Warrior we feel we have a sense of duty and care not only to our clients but to the users of our doors and we always take the time to fully assess the location and application of every specification.  Our communal doors for social housing are designed with all users in mind paying attention to safety features required for children.  Our doors are manufactured to be robust and durable but with the balance of being easy to use and safe to use.






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