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Failed Robbery at Jewellers in Liverpool



Warrior Doors has again played in its part in thwarting would-be robbers who targeted a jewellery store.

Ram-raiders attempted to drive a stolen Audi at speed into a shopfront at Milton’s Jewellers in Liverpool on Saturday morning (July 8, 2017).

Terrified staff in the shop reported hearing a loud bang and the whole building seemed to shake as the car smashed into the shopfront of the building.

The driver suffered concussion for almost a minute while his bungling accomplices scrambled through the rubble only to be confronted by a ‘Warrior Interlock’ system.

After attempting to smash the high security door with a sledgehammer and crowbars to get in, they finally abandoned their attempt as the police arrived. They sprayed a fire extinguisher in the faces of the arriving police officers before speeding off in a stolen VW Golf. They’re still at large.

The store manager said it was a miracle that no one was killed. He said staff had just served two customers who were about to leave. “Had they have gone to leave just moments earlier, who knows what would have happened.”



As the incident took place, staff were able to calmly make their way through the Warrior safety doors in the back of the shop, where they raised the alarm.

“We are so glad we have invested in our Warrior systems before this happened,” the store manager told us. “Miraculously no one was hurt and not one piece of jewellery was stolen.”

Another shocked member of staff said: “This is no different from an act of terrorism in that they had no regard for life.”

Brett Barratt, MD of Warrior Doors, called for stronger sentencing for criminals who carry out crimes such as these.

“Anyone prepared to use a vehicle at high speeds in this manner has no respect for the lives of others and should face an mandatory life sentence,” he said.



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