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Equipping Ugandan Social Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, 27 February 2017: Brett Barratt, the man behind two leading organisations, Warrior Doors and Africa Equip, has now undertaken another plan to help aspiring entrepreneurs realise their dreams. In collaboration with Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network and Small Heath Baptist Church, Warrior Doors and Africa Equip have undertaken the responsibility of sending a container to Uganda for the facilitation of the Butterfly Project to provide training in social entrepreneurship to Ugandan teenagers. Brett Barratt, who is also the Managing Director at Warrior Doors, has taken the helm of this initiative in order to ensure that its beneficiaries receive their due.

Through this partnership, Warrior Doors have managed to gather equipment to help support a whole range of initiatives, many of which were brought forward by the trainees themselves.

One of these trainees, Gilbert Byamugisha, visited the UK last year and is now determined to set up a restaurant that offers good quality food to young people at keen prices, while simultaneously stretching their enthusiasm to try out new foods. Warrior Doors took the responsibility of supplying him with the catering equipment needed to support this new venture.

Another trainee, Francis Ssuuna, recently started Uganda’s first official running club for children. The company’s role in this regard involves the transfer of athletics equipment to support the development of this club.

Charles Obuk (19) and Sharon Lamaro (15) each have developed reading projects for children in Northern Uganda. As a way of facilitating their objective, Warrior Doors provided them with a library of books for children of all ages and reading abilities.

Brett Barratt, Managing Director at Warrior Doors, took the opportunity to further elucidate his organisation’s objectives as well as their vision for the future. “We at Warrior Doors have also taken the initiative of sending laptops to support and motivate such young people to achieve their goals.” He also added, “By sending equipment, we are giving the Ugandan youth a hand up, not a hand out. We truly believe that this container will help change the lives of hundreds of young Ugandans and help them achieve the futures that they desire.”

At present, Warrior Doors,  in collaboration with the Butterfly Project, is in the process of building a school in Northern Uganda to school aspiring social entrepreneurs. In order to facilitate the achievement of their goals, they are sending furniture as well as tools to assist the construction of the school.

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