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Entrance doors make a difference for a safer school

Securing schools and other educational establishments is becoming a more unfortunate part of everyday life, with the safety of staff and pupils being paramount. Taking security very seriously, we work closely with the education sector advising on the correct door specification to suit their specific needs. When assessing a school’s requirements we consider likely threat and attack scenarios, with the main aim to provide peace of mind to staff, pupils, parents and visitors.

We do not want a school to look like a “fortress” and intimidating, we want to create a school which looks  aesthetically pleasing and a fun learning environment with open spaces and areas. The schools’ entrance needs to be inviting and friendly to pupils, staff and visitors whilst offering the required levels of security and safety. At Warrior we like to design –in visibility and light through optimum glazing which to the uneducated might look an easy target but in reality is a high security, robust specification.

The control of visitors in and out of school is important and there is a balance to be struck between protecting and securing the school from unwanted visitors and welcoming others who pose no threat with an aesthetic and non-confrontational entrance. Warrior Doors designs bespoke high security interlocking doors, whereby if a “visitor” poses a threat after entering the first door and second door is in place that can be controlled by reception and cannot be opened by the incoming person. This two door system allows the “gate-keeper” to control the entrance and thereby ensure the safety of staff and pupils alike.

At Warrior, we can also advise on how to minimise risks around the school building by specifying high security interlocking doors in critical areas such as, end of corridors, so that if an intruder accesses the school it is possible to maintain them in one area thus minimising the threat to the rest of the school.

Of course, Warrior doors are DDA-compliant, where appropriate, manufactured to the highest quality standards and subject to rigorous testing regimes. The doors are engineered to ensure completely robust performance against attack whilst also being easily accessible as a fire escape route – another vital feature for an educational establishment.

With many years’ experience in the supply of security doors for some of the most high risk establishments in the UK such as banks, vaults, high end jewellers and art dealers, Warrior Doors brings this high security door knowledge to the education sector to give them the confidence and peace of mind that their school, staff and pupils remain safe and secure.


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