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Cost Benefits of a Warrior Door

Do you know the real cost of poor quality communal security doors?

Whole Life Costs

Taking a short term view of immediate expenditure does not measure the true cost of providing a security door for a property.

When you include consideration of the cost of repeated maintenance and repairs to (or complete replacement of) vandalised entrances in addition to the original cost of the door, the Whole Life Cost is the only real measure of value for money and fitness for purpose.

The table below shows a real scenario with comparative costs for a replacement secure communal door and panel combination.

Warrior Doors – Whole Life Cost Saving

YearActivityOriginal DoorWith Warrior Stainless
Steel Replacement
With Original Warrior Stainless
Steel Door
Total Cost£10,660£9,080£4,100
Year 1New Door and Panel Entrance£3,500£3,900
Year 2Rep. / Maintenance£440£20
Year 3Rep. / Maintenance£530£20
Year 4Rep. / Maintenance£590£20
Year 5New Warrior Security Door and Panel£3,900
Year 6Rep. / Maintenance£1,200£20
Year 7Rep. / Maintenance£800£20£20
Year 8Rep. / Maintenance£800£20£20
Year 9Rep. / Maintenance£800£30£30
Year 10Rep. / Maintenance£1,200£30£30
Actual Whole Life Cost£9,080
Whole Life Cost without Replacing Original Door£10,660
Whole Life Cost with Warrior Door£4,100
Unnecessary Costs Incurred£4,980

Ten Year WarrantyYou really can get ‘More for Less’.

That’s why Warrior doors are supported with a 10 Year Warranty.

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