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Choosing the right materials and the reason why every Warrior door is still installed today!

Choosing the right materials for your door specification is of paramount importance. Only the highest quality materials go in to a Warrior door and combine that with our unique manufacturing process gives the reason why every Warrior door installed, is still installed today!

In our opinion one of the main reasons why doors fail is due to the materials used in the door itself. We have found that GRP doors just are not robust enough as communal doors and are flawed in design. Timber doors are similar and will rot and degrade over time. Mild steel doors might seem a better option but as well as bending and rusting easily, aesthetically these types of door are not an acceptable option for modern robust door design.

All Warrior doors are manufactured from stainless steel with a hardwood timber core inserted to sections only where fixings are required. The timber is completely enclosed so will not rot or degrade. Every door is fully welded adding to its strength and mechanical fixings are used as required. Manufactured to LPCB ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system, governing all processes including design, manufacture and installation, we are completely confident that our doors will not twist or drop over time. Doors that are made from poor materials will move and warp and as this starts to occur the door becomes more of a target for vandals and anti-social behaviours and seen as an easy target for intruders.

We have removed so many communal entrance doors that have suffered this type of abuse and not only are these doors costly to replace, the knock-on effect to those living in the building is immense. Residents feel vulnerable and unsafe plus the building looks unsightly and unkempt which further breeds anti-social behaviour in the local area.

Warrior Doors are determined to drive up the standards of door specification. We work closely with social housing providers to raise the awareness of the consequences of poor door design that may appear cost effective in the short term but will cost much more in the long run.

All our high security doors fulfil DDA Compliance and Duty of Best Value and we can give 100% assurances that a Warrior door will provide a robust and secure solution with longevity as standard.

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