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Why choose stainless steel over mild steel for your communal door

Warrior views the specification of its door solutions as in investment in build quality and durability that will last and look good for many years. Warrior prides itself in the fact that its doors do not rust or rot, plus they will not drop over time and are vandal resistant. A major contributor to these facts is that Warrior manufactures its doors from stainless steel not mild steel.

Stainless does not corrode or rot and has a very high strength “memory” compared to mild steel so it does not deform over time which means doors manufactured from stainless steel will not warp or drop.  Stainless steel also has a much higher resistance to attack than mild steel so is more protected against vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

It’s a fact that the average lifespan of a mild steel door is between 5 and 8 years which will likely follow multiple years of costly, repeated repair and maintenance. In Warrior’s experience of replacing thousands of doors over the years, is not uncommon to replace a mild steel GRP door in less than 5 years! This is a serious cost to social housing providers not to mention the strain and security issues for residents.

Warrior “tig” weld door joints to give a strong, seamless and corrosion free finish.  This unique manufacturing process of tagging, slotting and fully welding every single joint in the door and frame provides a robust and highly effective door ensuring longevity.

Warrior’s design and technical team engineer robust and secure door solutions, but also want to balance that with contemporary styling and brushed stainless steel ensures a more modern feel. Brushed stainless steel is graffiti resistant, with the surface finish allowing for quick and easy cleaning.

If a client wants to colour match the door to corporate colours for example a stainless steel door allows this to be a choice as it can be easily powder coated if required, but the removal of graffiti would permanently damage the finish. It is worth noting that mild steel doors have to be powder coated, which is a limiting factor.

Warrior only wants to provide the most robust, long standing and secure door solutions to its clients, so the benefits of manufacturing doors from stainless steel are numerous due to the nature and characteristics of the material itself.

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