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How is a WARRIOR door made? Every bespoke WARRIOR door, whether securing a jeweller, a school, a place of worship or a social housing development, takes a very similar journey through our workshop. What we finally see fitted as a fully-tested, certified, near-indestructible product begins life as raw data and raw materials. FROM DATA TO…

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In June this year a team from WARRIOR DOORS – SARAH MURRAY, GAGE WALSH and BRETT BARRATT – successfully completed the GREAT MIDLANDS FUN RUN. They were all taking part to raise money for AFRICA EQUIP, a charity founded in 2004 by WARRIOR CEO, BRETT BARRATT. AFRICA EQUIP is currently engaged in a number of…

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“A school is a building with four walls, and tomorrow inside” – Dan Valentine, writer Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal a 50% rise in incidents at UK schools between 2014 and 2016, with police being called on-site over 700 times (TES, 2017). One in 20 teaching assistants has already faced violence…

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Brett Barratt, MD at Warrior discusses the challenges and importance of bin door specification Bin stores – the problems A number for years ago I was involved in the investigation of a tower block fire in Birmingham which had started in the bin store room on the ground floor. It was unclear how the fire…

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IMPACT RESISTANT: Business and Brexit; what do we know?

Business and Brexit; what do we know? WARRIOR is a company based on dependability and reliability. Our high-security doors are designed to precise specifications and tolerances, and BREXIT –  the UK’s coming exit from the European Union – is very much an unknown quantity at the time of writing. Speculation is something we will never…

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What makes the design of a Warrior Door so unique?

At Warrior we take door design very seriously, assessing every client’s needs, requirements and expectations to ensure the optimum solution. Warrior views the door design as unique as its setting and although there are often similarities between applications, each door is bespoke manufactured to individual criteria. Warrior has experienced time after time where doors have…

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Why choose stainless steel over mild steel for your communal door

Warrior views the specification of its door solutions as in investment in build quality and durability that will last and look good for many years. Warrior prides itself in the fact that its doors do not rust or rot, plus they will not drop over time and are vandal resistant. A major contributor to these…

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How effective is your neighbourhood watch?

The aim of neighbourhood watch is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. Founded in New York in 1964, with the first scheme set up in the UK in 1982, the vision of the scheme is that of a caring society that…

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How a handle makes the difference!

Having installed over 15,000 doors, Warrior Doors are not only experts in door design, specification and manufacture, but also door furniture such as handles and closers that can sometimes get overlooked. Unless you understand the difference between the many handle options, it’s easy to choose one that is totally unfit for purpose! Through research and…

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Warrior Doors – 15,000 doors installed and counting

Warrior Doors is celebrating its landmark 20th anniversary this year. Since our official birthday celebrations in April, we’ve been reflecting on what has made Warrior doors such a success. Since 1997, Warrior Doors has installed more than 15,000 high-security doors in businesses, critical infrastructure organisations, schools, churches, museums, and retail premises – and every single…

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Failed Robbery at Jewellers in Liverpool

  Warrior Doors has again played in its part in thwarting would-be robbers who targeted a jewellery store. Ram-raiders attempted to drive a stolen Audi at speed into a shopfront at Milton’s Jewellers in Liverpool on Saturday morning (July 8, 2017). Terrified staff in the shop reported hearing a loud bang and the whole building…

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WARRIOR DOORS is kickstarting the careers of young people in the manufacturing and engineering sector by backing the nationwide apprenticeship scheme. WARRIOR DOORS makes a commitment to long-term support – that’s written into our product portfolio. It’s there in our ten-year warranties and our relationship with our customers. As a family-owned and family-run British business…

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How will a Warrior door benefit you!

You would be surprised what decisions there are to make when determining the right entrance door for a school or other educational establishment.  The correct door specification is extremely important and will benefit staff, students and visitors more than you might expect! A door that ensures safety and security will give complete peace of mind…

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Smash and grab challenge!

At the end of every factory tour each visitor is invited to take up the challenge to smash through one of our doors! Needless to say no one has yet succeeded! Not only has no-one succeeded under controlled factory conditions but the fact is that we have installed over 15,000 doors to date and not…

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How Warrior Doors Has Stopped Robberies

Why jewellers should upgrade their security?

Jewellers sell valuable and beautiful items, so it’s only right that they should reflect that beauty in their shops. Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that some jewellery stores feel they must secure their premises to the extent they look like unwelcoming fortresses. While security should be a high priority, we believe criminals who should be…

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Yew Tree School

Why an interlock on your school premises can enhance security?

Security is rightly tight at schools. Over the years, leadership teams and governors up and down the country have introduced a range of measures from security fencing and gates to CCTV to keep students and staff as secure as possible. Thankfully, security incidents in schools are rare but the possibility of: Unwanted visitors or strangers…

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Entrance doors make a difference for a safer school

Securing schools and other educational establishments is becoming a more unfortunate part of everyday life, with the safety of staff and pupils being paramount. Taking security very seriously, we work closely with the education sector advising on the correct door specification to suit their specific needs. When assessing a school’s requirements we consider likely threat…

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Problems with poorly designed communal door entrances?

All too often little attention is paid to the design of communal door entrances for residential blocks; it can almost be an after- thought! A poorly designed door and entrance area can cause a whole host of problems for people living in residential blocks from issues with the door itself to safety and security issues…

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Are your doors fit for purpose?

The description “fit for purpose” describes something that is “good enough to do the job it was designed to do” – the term doesn’t really instil any confidence in the item concerned! Warrior doors are designed, engineered and manufactured to standards that go way beyond the “fit for purpose” description. We estimate that 20-25% of…

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How a full-length finger safe hinge protects fingers!

According to the ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), around 30,000 children trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors at home, school, nursery or shops. It has been reported that more than 1,500 of these children will require surgery with some needing ongoing reconstructive surgery further down the line. More serious accidents…

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The impact of anti-social behaviour on residential blocks

It is unfortunate that those living in residential blocks can feel isolated, unsafe and apathetic to their home and immediate surroundings. Living in a mulita-dwelling environment can come with anti-social behaviour and vandalism being an all too often occurrence; however at Warrior we are playing our part in trying to ensure a more pleasant living…

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