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Entrance doors make a difference for a safer school

Securing schools and other educational establishments is becoming a more unfortunate part of everyday life, with the safety of staff and pupils being paramount. Taking security very seriously, we work closely with the education sector advising on the correct door specification to suit their specific needs. When assessing a school’s requirements we consider likely threat…

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Problems with poorly designed communal door entrances?

All too often little attention is paid to the design of communal door entrances for residential blocks; it can almost be an after- thought! A poorly designed door and entrance area can cause a whole host of problems for people living in residential blocks from issues with the door itself to safety and security issues…

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Are your doors fit for purpose?

The description “fit for purpose” describes something that is “good enough to do the job it was designed to do” – the term doesn’t really instil any confidence in the item concerned! Warrior doors are designed, engineered and manufactured to standards that go way beyond the “fit for purpose” description. We estimate that 20-25% of…

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How a full-length finger safe hinge protects fingers!

According to the ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), around 30,000 children trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors at home, school, nursery or shops. It has been reported that more than 1,500 of these children will require surgery with some needing ongoing reconstructive surgery further down the line. More serious accidents…

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The impact of anti-social behaviour on residential blocks

It is unfortunate that those living in residential blocks can feel isolated, unsafe and apathetic to their home and immediate surroundings. Living in a mulita-dwelling environment can come with anti-social behaviour and vandalism being an all too often occurrence; however at Warrior we are playing our part in trying to ensure a more pleasant living…

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Reasons why a Warrior Door will out-last any other door

At Warrior we are confident that our doors will out-last any other door on the market! That’s a bold statement, but we can back it up with evidence of our unique manufacturing process, our rigorous testing regime and numerous independent quality standard accreditation’s. Add that to our 20 years’ experience of engineering, designing, manufacturing and…

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How a good communal door can change people’s lives

Determined to support social housing providers in specifying the right door for their needs, we design bespoke door solutions according to the building and situation.  All our doors have some common features – high security balanced with easy access and keeping those inside safe. We engineer our doors with careful consideration to safety, security and…

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A Warrior door will transform the way your tenants and stakeholders see your property. Warrior’s communal entrances design out crime, but never character. Our secure anti-bandit glazing lets in light and colour, and our sturdy construction is all accomplished without visible welds. Your building needn’t look like a fortress to be safe and secure; communicating…

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Smash and Grab Attack - Warrior Doors

How a robbery affects jewellery shop staff

Being robbed is a traumatic experience – but unfortunately, we come across this type of violent crime all too often. High-value retailers and jewellery shops alike can be vulnerable to robbery, usually if their entrance systems are not sufficiently robust to thwart criminal activity. It’s a huge trauma to deal with: The loss of cash…

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Why high-value retailers should consider an interlocking system

If you are a jewellery shop or high-value retailer, there is no doubt that security is high on your list of priorities. You’ve probably invested in a good alarm and CCTV system, but have you thought about the front door of your business? If not, it’s time to think about how a Warrior Doors interlocking…

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Tips on how to remain calm during a robbery

  Retail crime in the UK cost retailers £660 million between 2015-16, while threats to staff also rose by 40%, according to the British Retail Consortium 2016 Retail Crime Survey. It is something no one ever wants to encounter, but if you work in a high-value retail environment, such as a jewellery shop, it makes…

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design for life


Every WARRIOR security door is designed around your real-life, real-world priorities. Your priority might be to ensure access – safe, reliable access – to your school or gallery, church or showroom. Or you may need to prevent entry – unwanted, illegal entry – to your high-value retail store, housing block or bank. WARRIOR has a…

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Our high entrance security doors protect our customers’ goods, trade, reputation and tenants. It’s hard to put a cash value on the peace of mind they offer. But there is a clear value on the investment that WARRIOR has put into its products; £300k over twenty years. Founder and MD BRETT BARRATT started WARRIOR DOORS…

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How Warrior Doors Has Stopped Robberies

How Warrior Doors Has Stopped Robberies?

Robberies are terrifying crimes – we’ve spoken to too many people who’ve been victim of robbery in their jewellery shops or high-value retail stores. Knife crime and gun crime are undoubtedly serious issues – no one deserves to have their lives threatened. There are other methods that robbers use to try to access premises, of…

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Why investing in research and development for Warrior Doors is so important?

When Warrior Doors’ Managing director Brett Barratt set up the business in 1997 – his vision was to create a door that would make a positive difference to business and organisations. Since then, our dedicated research and development (R&D) team has continuously worked to improve and test our high-security doors and entrance systems to the…

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Why you should invest in a high-security Entrance Door

As a business or organisation, you wouldn’t leave your front door open at the end of the day – it’s inviting trouble. But does your door or entrance have adequate security features? If it doesn’t, you might as well leave the key in the door. Security spending should be considered an investment, but all too…

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WARRIOR DOORS is currently working with award-winning IT trainer BALTIC to train and support a young apprentice through his Level 4 NVQ. WARRIORS DOORS have made a commitment to take on a young person for a twelve-month apprenticeship to help them enter the workforce. 18-year-old LEE RUDD from Solihull is the successful applicant. During his…

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Providing Security and Safety for Tenants

Specifying the right communal door solutions for social housing providers is of paramount importance as is the ability to provide tenants with a safe, clean and healthy environment. Not only does the communal door offer security and safety to tenants from unwanted intruders and visitors but also needs to be robust enough to withstand vandalism…

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What Does Warrior Doors Stand For As A Company?

For the past 20 years, Brett Barratt, managing director of Warrior Doors, has had one aim in business: to create security door solutions that offer Security for All, Aspirational Living and Peace of Mind. Warrior Doors was born out of a desire to improve the quality of security doors. After working as a carpenter for…

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BIM Communal Door

Is BIM a realistic route for creating a value led specification?

Having recently launched new BIM objects, we have found that selling on the basis of these objects is not an easy task. Although we are gaining some traction from BIM via our own website and through NBS, a BIM object cannot be used to specify in isolation. Warrior used  a BIM development as a KTP…

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Hasbury Christian Fellowship Church – A place for worship

The Warrior doors were part of a £350,000 new development that was completed in 2012, that also included a dedicated space for community and worship, offices, storage, and a ramp at the doors that gave better access for all visitors, including wheelchair users. As well as regular worship, the new chapel is used as a…

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