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Shiva Jewellers gets high Entrance Security Doors with Warrior Doors!


When Shiva Sudhera’s jewellery shop in the West Midlands was the victim of a second robbery in five years, he knew he had to act quickly to boost security at his high street premises.

His staff – and his parents who were there at the time – were traumatised by the terrifying events that occurred in broad daylight.

In what was a quick, yet frightening attack, two men charged into the Smethwick shop using a battering ram.  Although a smoke cloak was activated to confuse the robbers, they made away with jewellery and watches.

Although his elderly parents managed to escape into a safe room secured by a Warrior Doors security door, installed at the rear of the store after Shiva Jewellers suffered its first robbery in 2011, everyone was severely affected by what had taken place.

Knowing he did not want his staff to go through such a traumatic experience again, Shiva immediately contacted Warrior Doors – a name he could trust – to install a high-security door entrance system and shop front.


There was only one priority for Shiva Sudhera: to make his premises as secure as possible. After the robbery, he was faced with finding the best solution and wanted a premium entrance system for a reasonable price.

The door that was breached had an aluminium frame and bars across the glass, and although it was only seven years old, it was not fit for purpose. By specifying Warrior Doors, he knew that he had the best opportunity to secure his family, staff and shop.

During the briefing process, Shiva visited the Warrior Doors factory in Birmingham to see exactly how the doors are made.

“The factory tour was fantastic,” said Shiva. “Everything was explained in such detail and I have to say how truly amazing it was to see how much hard work and clever thinking is behind these doors. I really enjoyed the tour and even had a go at bashing down a door – but I didn’t get through it.”

As Shiva and the Warrior Doors experts went through the planning process, the in-house technical experts also created a 3D computer model to demonstrate how it would look in situ.


There is no off-the-peg solution at Warrior Doors. Instead, it designs entrances specifically for each project and ensures that the finished product is aesthetically pleasing through the maximum amount of glazing.

Warrior Doors experts recommended its airlock system with interlocking doors, designed with elegance and high security in mind. This system gives staff two chances to assess customers before entry. It does this by preventing both doors from being opened at the same time.

The ultra-high security stainless steel doors and frames are designed specifically to provide a stunning entrance, while the customer chose the level of high security anti-ballistic glazing. The entrance system also featured superior electronic multi-point locking systems.

We have a range of products covered by secured by design, and come with a 10-year guarantee, which means that Shiva Jewellers have never been better secured.


Shiva Jewellers is over the moon with its interlocking door system because it enhances the entrance and helps to make staff feel safe and secure.

Once the bespoke design was finalised, the door system was manufactured at Warrior Doors’ factory in Birmingham and delivered and installed in less than four weeks.

“I felt Warrior Doors is the only company who can cater for our security needs, being in the jewellery trade,” said Shiva. “Every jeweller should have a Warrior Doors door installed on their premises, whether that’s one on the outside or a safe door on the inside. I know I feel more secure now that I know my shop has stronger doors and glass. It’s just my regret I didn’t have them installed before the robbery.”

Shiva also praised Warrior Doors’ professionalism, saying that the team were friendly, knowledgeable, and worked with him so that they could complete the project quickly.

All Warrior Doors are DDA compliant and come with a 10 year guarantee as standard on the door and frame.



  • Client - Shiva Jewellers
  • Sector - High Security Door Protection


“I felt Warrior Doors is the only company who can cater for our security needs, being in the jewellery trade”, said Shiva, the Owner.