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Saved by an interlocking Door System- JAI Jewellers


Introduction – interlocking systems

Interlocking systems are hugely beneficial for retailers – particularly for jewellery stores that stock high-value goods.

These double-door systems are used when retailers want to control customer access safely. By installing two doors and a lobby between them, staff have two chances to assess customers before they enter because both doors are prevented from opening at the same time.

Yet, not all interlocking systems are equal.

Brett Barrett, managing director of Warrior Doors explains: “So many double door interlocks are not true interlocking systems because the locking mechanisms on the doors can so easily be over-ridden.

“All too often, when I go into shops or come out of a jeweller’s, staff are able to release the locking mechanism on both doors at the same time. That should not happen. The only time it should happen is if there an emergency and staff have a key to release the doors.”

Key features

Our high security interlocking door systems are designed to provide the highest possible security level.

How do we do this? They are tested to ensure that three vital signals are received:

  1. The door must close against the shoulders of the rebate of the frame to be in a fully closed position.
  2. The locking bolts must be fully extended so that they achieve full locking position.
  3. A deadlock mechanism must come down behind the bolt, preventing them from being retracted, by the handle or by force.
  4. Only when all the signals have been received by our controller, the second door will be allowed to open.

The operator will have a key in case an emergency override is needed.

Strength and security

Warrior Doors do not offer an off-the-shelf solution – instead we tailor-make every door and entrance system to suit your specific needs.

As standard, your Warrior Doors interlocking system will feature:

  • Manufactured from 304 grade-stainless steel frames with no visible welds
  • High security electronic multi-point locking systems tested up to LPS1175 security level 4
  • Attack and ballistic glazing, all tested to LPCB standards
  • Powder coating to any RAL colour, with co-ordinating door furniture

You can also choose to add an LED indicator light as a visual reminder of when each of the doors can be safely opened or closed.

 How an interlocking system helped Jai Jewellers

When Jai Jewellers was the victim of a robbery, it undertook a major review of its security. Deepak, the owner, was left traumatised by the crime, which saw the robbers smash the aluminium frame doors and the display cases, taking everything they could.

He was in no doubt what his shop needed – and Warrior Doors agreed: an interlocking door entrance system.

This system has proven to be an extremely strong deterrent to would-be criminals, for the doors have thwarted robbers on three separate occasions.

Four months after the first incident, armed robbers tried once again to target the shop but got stuck in the lobby between the two doors and police were called. In 2011, when thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, the shop was attacked again but the would-be robbers failed to gain access because they were unable to smash through Warrior Doors’ high-security glass.

And in the third terrifying attempt, the store owner’s wife Preiti was grabbed outside the store and had a knife put to her throat. When they went through the first door, they were locked in and the criminals couldn’t smash their way out through the Warrior Door. The father-in-law, who at the time was standing inside, released the smoke cloak alarm, resulting in the four-robbers running away.


Jai Jewellers was one of the first retailers to have a Warrior Doors interlocking system installed and Preiti and Deepak have recommended them to many fellow retailers.

Preiti said, she was grateful that their shop had such a strong Warrior Doors interlocking system in place.

“We’ve felt much safer since then and the doors are brilliant. We’ve recommended them ever since to all the jewellers we know because they have made a real difference. We feel safer.”



  • Client - Jai Jewellers
  • Sector - High Security Door Protection
  • Location - Smethwick


“We’ve felt much safer since then and the doors are brilliant. We’ve recommended them ever since to all the jewellers we know because they have made a real difference. We feel safer.”