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Revamped shop frontage- Brooklands Jewellers


Stewart contacted Warrior Doors straight away after the burglary took place, keen to ensure that the shop was secured to the highest of standards to prevent anything like that happening again.

Brooklands had a standard door and window display and the expert team at Warrior Doors listened to the changes that Stewart and Dave wanted to implement and offered its advice on the best solutions.

What was crucial for both Stewart and Dave was that the store maintained its aesthetic appeal and continued to appeal to its customers – something that Warrior Doors prides itself in achieving.

The jewellers visited stores that already had Warrior Doors entrance systems and window fronts fitted and they were also invited to the factory in Birmingham to see first-hand how the products are manufactured on site. One of Brooklands’ suppliers in Hatton Garden, London, which also has Warrior Doors fitted, also recommended the company to the jewellers. 

Without hesitation, the jewellers commissioned Warrior Doors to undertake the work.

Who are Brooklands Jewellers

Brooklands Jewellers sits in a retail area in the quiet village of West Byfleet, Surrey. Owned by two business partners – jewellers and craftsmen Stewart Baldwin and Dave Jones – the jewellery store opened in 2011 and sells unique designs, all made by the pair in their workshop.

The shop is also a diamond dealer, undertakes customer repairs, specialises in good quality second-hand jewellery, and sells a range of watches.



The business partners approached Warrior Doors for help after a break-in in the summer of 2016 led to £6,000 worth of second-hand jewellery being taken from the shop window.The pair had discussed upgrading the frontage before the burglary happened and their insurance broker had recommended Warrior Doors. After the raid, Dave made sure that Warrior Doors was the company he called to secure the premises

Brooklands’ insurance broker had already recommended Warrior Doors when it enquired about companies it should approach when it decided to change its shop front.

But before Stewart and Dave had chance to contact Warrior Doors, the shop was broken into in the middle of the night in the summer of 2016, with second-hand jewellery and watches being taken from a stand-alone display case in the shop window.


After an initial visit and inspection, Warrior Doors recommended its bespoke, easy-to-use interlocking sliding door system, which gives staff two chances to assess customers before they enter. It does this by preventing both doors from being opened at the same time.

The door is fully glazed with enhanced security glass and incorporates the superior Tormax Imotion 2302 sliding door operator with laser safety sensors. A wireless intercom system supplements the security features and Warrior Doors also designed, manufactured and installed new shop windows with superior high security glass.

Finally, it designed, manufactured and installed a high-security internal safe-room door and screen and rear door to the shop.

With Warrior Doors products endorsed by Secured By Design and all products coming with a 10-year guarantee, Brooklands Jewellers is safe in the knowledge that its premises has never been better secured.


Brooklands Jewellers used Warrior Doors’ unique affordable finance option, offered in conjunction with Shire Leasing. The Warrior Doors/Shire Leasing scheme enables companies and organisations to invest up to £1 million in the high quality security doors, windows and entrance systems and pay the sum back over three or five years in affordable, manageable payments. It means businesses can budget accurately and protect existing lines of credit, such as bank loans and overdrafts, and benefit from the lease payments being 100% tax deductible against profits.

Stewart and Dave say they are were extremely pleased with the process and welcome the boosted security that the door system and shop front with enhancements has provided.

“We’ve had a whole new shop front and it makes the shop look much better – far more upmarket than it was,” says Stewart. “Our customers also agree that it looks really good because it is modern, clean-looking and sleek.

“What impressed us was that Warrior Doors listened to what we wanted and took the brief from that, offering really good advice on what we needed, not what they wanted to sell us. That was important. As far as we are concerned, this is money very well spent and we couldn’t be more pleased about the process and the final product.”


  • Client - Brooklands Jewellers
  • Sector - High Security Door Protection
  • Location - West Byfleet


“They understood what we were trying to achieve. We feel that the shop is far more secure now we that have a Warrior Doors frontage.”