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Jai Jewellers


Jai Jewellers is a family run business providing the West Midlands with the latest high value gold and custom designed jewellery.


Having experience previous attacks resulting in a huge loss of stock and with the dramatic increase in smash and grab style attacks, Jai Jewellers felt the aluminium door they were operating with left them in a vulnerable position when it came to future attacks. Thieves managed to smash their way through Jai Jewellers previous entrance in less than 10 seconds, leaving them feeling unsafe and anxious in their work place and wanting a much higher security entry system to protect their premises, staff and customers.


Jai Jewellers researched different types of high security doors and were drawn to Warrior due to the extensive security tests each Warrior Door has undergone. Jai were also looking for a security entrance system that would fit in with the aesthetics of their building and the shop front it would be replicating. Jai Jewellers met with Warrior at their Birmingham based factory and after seeing first-hand how the bespoke security solutions are made, Jai had no hesitation in picking Warrior for their high security entrance.


Taking into consideration the previous attacks Jai had experienced and their need for the highest security door on the market that they could control from within the property, Warriors expert team design, manufactured and installed an interlocking sliding door that was tested to LPS 1175 level 4, Secured by Design accredited, ISO9001 approved and bullet resistant.

Due to the nature of the business and the need for security at all times, Warrior managed to design, manufacture and install the interlocking system in just 5 weeks.


Warrior’s expert team successfully installed the interlocking system that matched the existing shop front perfectly. Unfortunately, within a matter of weeks, Jai Jewellers suffered another attack from thieves posing as customers. Due to the Warrior interlocking system that can be controlled by workers from within the shop, the two thieves were held between two doors for 12 minutes whilst police and fire fighters tried to break down the Warrior Door – as the attack on Jais previous aluminium door took just 10 seconds to break down, this emphasises just how strong and secure the Warrior security system is. Due to the attack, Jai Jewellers staff and customers have been reassured that their Warrior Door will keep them safe and secure, and can now work and shop without hesitation.


  • Client - Jai Jewellers
  • Sector - High Security Door Protection
  • Location - Smethwick, West Midlands


Seeing their vast array of doors in their showroom and how they are manufactured from scratch, how they can be customised to the way you want them without negotiating on the strength and security, was a big advantage as it meant we wouldn’t have to sacrifice on the image of a jewellery shop and turn it into a prison or vault – which was the case with other door companies. After the second attack in broad day light, we were first hand witnesses of the amount of time and strength it took to forcefully open just one door and that too was by the police and emergency fire services crew. Receiving somewhat of a compliment about how good my strong and tough door was from one of the deeply panting fire crew members was very re-assuring and satisfying as he wept away the sweat from his forehead. – Jai Jewellers Managing Director