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G Hewitt and Son Ltd, Grimsby & Warrior Doors Case Study


When Hewitt & Son in Grimsby – a family retailer with a history stretching back to 1871 – was attacked by three robbers, who smashed their way into the shop armed with a sledgehammer, hammer and machete, it was an appalling, life-changing experience.

It was not just the fact that valuable stock was taken; it was the effect on the staff, who were threatened and terrorised. One was physically attacked.

And while smoke systems activated in the shop while the robbery took place, it was a terrifying wake-up call.  Owner, ,Jonathan Hewitt knew something had to be done to ensure the safety of his staff – and quickly.

He was impressed with Warrior Doors’ reputation among insurance companies and underwriters, and knew from reading about the company in trade press that it was a name he could trust. Because there was no time to waste in securing the premises, he contacted Warrior Doors straight away and asked for its help.


Jonathan Hewitt, the fourth generation owner of the business that has sold Rolex watches for the past 100 years, had to obtain planning permission for the new shop frontage.

The brief was clear: to make it as secure as possible for staff and customers, and to ensure that it was aesthetically pleasing, too.

Warrior Doors experts worked with the business’s local shop-fitting company to come up with a solution that would not only enhance the security of the shop frontage, but that would also meet the requirements of local planning officers.

“They clearly spoke the same language and a plan evolved,” explained Jonathan. “Between the two companies, a design was agreed that was in keeping with our existing shop front.”

Plans were drawn up with a revised angle for the entrance door with new doors matching the original profile and design of the shop front. The local planning department also fast- tracked the application and rubber stamped it.

Although Jonathan was invited to see the manufacturing process at the Warrior Doors factory, he declined, adding: “We felt we could not leave the shop until we were fully secure. Warrior kindly provided us with images of the manufacturing process, which left us in no doubt of their high standard of engineering and manufacturing.”


Warrior Doors designs bespoke entrances to ensure the maximum amount of glazing without compromising security and are proven to protect people and property.

It recommended its bespoke, high security interlock system. This comprised two stainless steel glazed swinging doors fitted with enhanced security glass and locks, plus two stainless steel glazed side screens with enhanced security glass, and LPS 1175 tested doors up to Security Rating 4 that are all Secure By Design.

It also advised having its interlock control system complete with remote control operation, which gives staff the chance to assess customers before they enter, and an intercom system.

All the doors and screens were treated with a powder-coated finish in RAL 8019 bronze.

Jonathan has praised the ordering process of the Warrior Door entrance system, describing it as “very straightforward”.

And with all Warrior Doors products endorsed by Secured By Design and coming with a 10-year guarantee, G Hewitt & Son is now safe in the knowledge that its premises have never been better secured.


“Since the installation of our Warrior Doors security lobby, I cannot fully convey how much better we all feel in the shop,” said Jonathan.

“You can almost physically feel your shoulders drop and relax and concentrate on the business of being a high-end retail jeweller. Our staff and customers can enjoy being in a safe and secure environment.

“I would highly recommend Warrior Doors system and have extended an open invitation to Brett to bring any potential customers to see our air-lock system in use.”


  • Client - G Hewitt and Son Ltd
  • Sector - High Security Door Protection
  • Location - Grimsby


“I would highly recommend Warrior Doors system and have extended an open invitation to Brett to bring any potential customers to see our air-lock system in use.”