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Warrior Doors were recently approached by a new client whose commercial premises had been burgled.  Design Reality’s offices in north Wales had been broken into with £20,000 of valuable computer stolen. They had found Warrior Doors through an internet search and we attended the premises the same day to assess the damage and subsequent requirements.


Who are Design Reality

Design Reality is a leading industrial design consultancy that has built its reputation by developing high performance products that delight users and build brands. Operating globally across a range of different sectors, the company has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations as well as helping start-up businesses realise their full potential.

They focus on their design process creating meaningful and impactful innovations that advance society, as well as building long-term relationships with new and existing clients, identifying exciting opportunities for new product development.


Design Reality needed their damaged door replacing quickly and efficiently with an appropriate solution. Warrior Doors Managing Director, Brett Barratt was able to attend the premises the same day the enquiry was made, which was greatly appreciated by Design Reality’s’ MD Troy Baker. The site visit focused on assessing the likely threat to the business, with the requirement being for a robust, high security door solution to secure the building whilst also allowing visibility and ensuring longevity.


A family-owned business, Warrior has been designing and manufacturing high security doors for twenty years to a wide variety of sectors from commercial, industrial premises, banks, bullion dealers as well as local authority housing and housing associations. Warrior used this expertise plus the site visit assessment to design the right solution for this client.

The specification was for a set of double doors fitted with bespoke security Double Glazed Units (DGU’s) constructed from laminated anti-bandit glass certified to EN 356 on both sides.

Every Warrior door is designed to exactly suit client requirements and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system certified by BRE. Where relevant our products also conform to SBD (Secured By Design) and DDA requirements.All clients are assured of our trust and discretion backed up by the latest technology and innovation for process and product design.



The new door set for Design Reality was fitted by our expert team within a very short lead time, which was ideal for the client wanting to secure the building.

Warrior Doors pride themselves in reacting quickly and efficiently to any enquiry and appreciate that clients are under a great deal of stress in these situations and can give reassurances that the new door will be manufactured and fitted efficiently, whilst providing peace of mind for the future.              

Troy Baker, owner of Design Reality commented, “Warrior Doors reacted really quickly when we contacted them about the door with Brett coming to site that same day. They have designed and manufactured a door now that offers the high security that we need, is robust enough to keep intruders out but gives good visibility too. Our premises certainly feel safe and secure behind our Warrior Door!”





  • Client - Design Reality
  • Sector - High Security Door Protection


“Having never been broken into before it was a shock and realisation to the vulnerability of the business. Even though our alarms sounded and the police were called the thieves had enough time to steal a significant number of laptops from the premises. The front doors are the only real entrance and exit from the premises and this break in highlighted the need to protect them from future attacks. From the initial web search to the final fitting of the door it was clear Warrior Doors were the right partner to protect our main point of entry, they recognised our need to replace them as soon as possible so they expedited the replacement to meet our requirements. I would highly recommend Brett and the team at Warrior to protect your premises from intruders.”

Troy Baker, Founder & Managing Director.