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Warrior Doors on a mission to keep Baptist training centre safe


Sam Poursain, centre manager of the charity, said the front door, which was fitted 15 years previously, was no longer fit for purpose because it was more suited to a domestic environment. This meant that it was not strong enough to cope with the heavy usage and was not providing the necessary level of security the centre needed.

IMC wanted a front entrance that was both strong and secure. It also had to be aesthetically pleasing – an entrance that would be welcoming and provide a good first impression to visitors – and have an integral security entrance system, which would enable residents and visitors to access the residential and meeting areas.

It also needed a rear entrance to the car park for residents with combined pin code and fob access system for extra security to allow entry as well as exit through the door for residents.

Who are BMS Mission

International Mission Centre is the training department of BMS (Baptist Missionary Society) Worldwide Mission, housing and training missionaries at its building in Selly Oak. It also operates as a training facility for external organisations, offering conference facilities for up to 70 people.

Hundreds of people go through the doors of the International Mission Centre every week – from residents to conference goers – and the uPVC front doors that were fitted were unsuitable for a busy building.

After winning a three-way competitive tender, Warrior Doors was commissioned to design, manufacture and install a high-security door for the main entrance and a high-security rear entrance from the car park.


Warrior Doors experts made several recommendations to IMC regarding the standards of glazing, locks and frames. The charity was also given advice about ensuring the main entrance was DDA compliant – unlike its previous front door. After an initial inspection, Warrior Doors recommended a glazed door with rigid stainless steel frame coated in RAL 9010 (bright white) and two glass panels either side. All the glass is anti-bandit laminated glazing and the entrance also included premium stainless steel high-security fixings and a high-security locking system.


The rear entrance from the car park also comprised a stainless steel frame with anti-bandit glazing and premium locking system. Warrior Doors also fitted a pin code and fob reader as an additional security measure.

Sam Poursain  visited the Warrior Doors factory to see exactly how the products are designed and manufactured, providing further assurance as to the quality of the doors.



Because the main entrance is fully glazed, it provides a welcoming environment for all visitors and residents. And the fact that the door is DDA compliant – and was installed at the same time as a suitable ramp was created – means that wheelchair users can use the main front door, rather than having to use a side access.

“We found that rather embarrassing, so we are delighted that wheelchair users can use the main entrance now,” said Sam Poursain . “Warrior Doors clearly understood the law when it comes to disability access and understood our needs.”

“We don’t have valuable items here, except the people who stay and visit us,” he said. “By having a secure front entrance and inner security door, the families who are staying here and our other guests are perfectly safe.

“The door is solid and safe, and it works like a dream. I no longer worry if people can get in or if the door handles will be ripped off – it has given me real peace of mind.”

Birmingham-based Warrior Doors is a premium designer, manufacturer, and installer of high-security doors and entrance systems. Founded in 1996, it is a family-run business that has an enviable reputation for providing exceptional service. It works closely with organisations and businesses in sectors such as social housing, education, high-value retail, as well as critical infrastructure companies, designing and manufacturing on site its bespoke security doors, windows and entrance systems that meet the most exacting demands. Warrior doors have invested over 300k in the last 5 years in Research and development, achieving some of the highest tested doors ever tested in the UK.



  • Client - BMS Mission
  • Sector - Communal Door Entrances
  • Location - International Mission Centre. BMS World Mission, Selly Oak, Birmingham


“The Warrior Doors door is solid and safe, and works like a dream. I don’t worry about the door anymore – it has given me real peace of mind.”