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Securing the Premises-Orbit Housing Case Study


Orbit is one of the largest housing providers in the country, operating in the Midlands, East Anglia and the South East, including parts of London. Its services include providing affordable homes for rent, supported housing, independent living with care, sheltered and very-sheltered schemes, and private retirement homes.

With winter approaching and more serious cases of anti-social behaviour increasing, Orbit approached Warrior Doors to upgrade and secure 11 communal entrances at seven blocks of flats at Swanswell Estate, Coventry.

Customers were becoming increasingly concerned that the doors to the communal areas of their blocks were being breached regularly, which left the areas unsecured, susceptible to rough sleepers and also available to be used for illegal purposes.

Because Warrior Doors had already worked with Orbit, designing, manufacturing and installing security entrances at four affordable housing blocks in Rugby and a further residential block in Northamptonshire, it understood the organisation’s specific needs.

Who are Orbit Housing

Orbit is one of the largest housing providers in the country. They are passionate about building communities by providing homes and services that people want and need. They are a housing organisation that owns and manages 39,000 homes and has around 100,000 customers. they work in the Midlands, the East and South East regions, and parts of London. For Orbit Hosuing, it’s all about the  development and sales arm, working across all areas of the business. It develops according to local need, but uses size and scale to meet and exceed national design and build standards. Rather than giving profits to shareholders, every penny is reinvested to build more affordable homes for people who need them. On the subject of buying a home, they are a help to Buy agent for the West and East Midlands. This means people get on the property ladder in a way that’s affordable.



Orbit was keen for Warrior Doors to supply premium quality entrances that would enable their customers to feel more secure in their homes.

The existing doors were made of wood and had been repeatedly breached, rendering them unfit for purpose.

Instead, the 11 that were specified had to be both strong and aesthetically pleasing, so that there was a welcoming entrance for Orbit Housing’s customers.


Warrior Doors prides itself on “designing out the fortress mentality”, so whenever possible, our secure entrances and doors are fitted with large glazed panels of either strong anti-bandit glass – laminated with double thickness laminate that achieves P4B security rating – polycarbonate, or laminated glass. While polycarbonate on its own is a strong material and can withstand hundreds of impacts with a sledgehammer or axe, it needs Warrior Doors’ glazing bead system, developed over the last 20 years, to prevent the glass being kicked or hammered out.

For the Swanswell project, we recommended the 10mm, non-reflective polycarbonate glazing, combined with Warrior Doors’ unique glazing bead system, which works best in vandal-prone environments. Maximising the use of glass makes the entrance itself lighter and more inviting, and it means Orbit Housing’s customers have the additional reassurance of being able to see who is in the communal hallway.

Our expert team also recommended our fully welded stainless steel doors, which are designed to withstand the most demanding environments. They are incredibly strong and are highly resistant to vandalism, as well as the general wear and tear of a busy communal entrance.

The doors were polished stainless steel and frames were powder coated white. To complete the design, we also included finger protection hinges, heavy-duty door closers, and magnetic locks.


Orbit asked Warrior Doors to manufacture and install the doors as quickly as possible and all 11 doors were installed within seven days, with no compromise on quality. This was achieved because we have made a significant investment at our new factory in Tyesley, installing more than £2 million state-of-the-art equipment over the past three years.

Kevin Hornsby, Head of Housing for Orbit in the Midlands, said: “We take the safety of our customers seriously and want everyone living in an Orbit home to feel safe and secure. The Warrior Doors that have been installed at Swanswell have made a huge difference in the overall security of the building. Unauthorised people are now prevented from accessing the building and as a result, anti-social behaviour has declined. This goes a long way to put customers’ minds at ease and helps us build communities that people are proud to live in.”

All the doors manufactured at Warrior Doors are DDA-compliant (Disability Discrimination Act) and the doors and frames come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. As well as being very strong, all of our doors are low maintenance, ensuring that users have years of trouble-free use.

Warrior Doors has been manufacturing for almost 20 years and every door that it has installed is still in use today.


  • Client - Orbit Housing
  • Sector - Communal Door Entrances
  • Location - Swanswell Estate, Coventry.


“The Warrior Doors that have been installed at Swanswell have made a huge difference in the overall security of the building.”