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Is the Back Door to your Jeweller’s Shop safe?

There is nothing more disturbing for us at Warrior Doors than to learn about a raid, or a burglary; particularly when it involves a jewellers, an industry with which we proudly do much business.

It disturbs us because we know we could have made a difference, and prevented it happening.

So it was with regret that we learned today of a burglary at a Midlands shop in the early hours of the morning. And this incident highlighted the importance of secure back doors, as well as doors at the front of a shop.

The offender(s) gained entry to the store by peeling back the outer skin of the rear fire exit door, before cutting a small hole in the bottom right hand corner of a second wooden door.

Once inside the shop was ransacked, with display cabinets smashed, and a substantial amount of goods stolen.

Indeed, this is the second incident we have heard of within that area in the past two weeks. Another jewellery shop was attacked, this time during the day, and, yet again, it was through the back door that the intruders forced their way in.

We work with many jewellers, and understand how vulnerable an industry it is. Which is why we take great pride in making the businesses of our customers so much more safe and secure. But don’t just stop them getting in through the front; protect the back of your store, too.

With a Warrior Doors door, we can seriously reduce the threat of a thief being able to break into your premises – through front or back – and we say that confidently, with statistics proving that the installation of our doors reduce the chance of a break in from a hundred per cent to just five per cent.

The back doors we provide are multi point lock, and of stainless steel construction. Similar doors have been tested up to LPS 1175, security rating four.

Said Brett Barratt, the Managing Director of Warrior Doors: “A lot of people tend to use mild steel doors, and they can have a variety of bolts on them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that an intruder cannot break into a door.

“The most important thing about the back doors of a shop is to make sure it has that LPS 1175 security rating 4,” he said. “That’s the key feature, and all our doors can be made to that standard- it means they’re able to withstand a prolonged attack.

If certified to SR4, “Our back doors all have a 30 minutes test time, with 10 minutes spent using some fierce and severe tools that raiders use: nail bars, steel wedges, drills, hooligan bars – all these are used on an LPS 1175 security rated 4 door, and none make an impact.”

A Warrior Door makes you more secure – and that is proven statistically and anecdotally.

Nothing more depresses us than hearing about a break in at a jewellers, and we want to make sure it never happens to you.


Contact us for more information, on 0121 706 8400 – we are here to make you and your team feel safer and secure.



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